Am I that Diesel Monkey?!

Last days we were able to read horrible news: the VW and also other Companies have tested their Diesel exhaust on a Monkeys! They had to sit in the room with the Diesel motor working! Even if that is obvious, that is really harmful.

Disgusting! Isn’t it? But unfortunately:

I have been on the way to my work, by bicycle, parallel to the traffic jam, as I have been thinking about that. The stinky air was everywhere, I have realised:

Am I that Monkey? Daily?!



Even if I don t have to travel that road daily (at the end I am not the monkey), there are lot of people who have to. Even if there are not the worst city in Germany, that constant traffic jams producing lot of smoke. Mainly Diesels. So even if I’m a petrol-head, I am waiting for the new entry limits to the city. I do not want to be Monkey, and I wish them also freedom, not Diesel exhaust.