BMW 228i (230i) Convertible – Review

I think that’s one of the best BMW’s on the market.

Why? It contains everything what you need. Second seats row, big trunk, tow hook for bikes, it is comfortable tool for motorway and small effective sporty toy when you need it.

And at the end that’s Convertible. Isn’t it the dream? I love to drive it to smell the forest, to hear the birds, and to breathe the fresh air. I can drive longer with an open roof without being tired. The lack of the fresh air makes you equally tired as the lack of water. So, if you drive, open the windows shortly and regularly to ventilate the car.

BMW 228i

Until you smell the old diesel fumes or other pollution… So now you understand why I want the diesels out of the traffic: why do they think they have the right to poison me? When I drive Convertible, when I run in the city or when I ride a bike to my work.

Moderngranturismo Graph and short opinion

BMW 228i
BMW 228i

BMW 2 Series Convertible is a very precise, sporty, comfortable and well insulated car as for Convertible. Additionally, you have the trunk and 2nd seats row there. Big wind-cut makes it high speed friendly, the size of the car makes it fun friendly. Stable on 200 kph, simultaneously don’t let you take the hands off the steering wheel because of the wild character.

Exterior design

The exterior is a classic style of typical BMW. Very elegant, having two longitudinal lines, bad round headlights and a little bit exposed to the outside wheels, which makes the look aggressive. It still looks fresh and contemporary, even if the end of production of this generation comes in two years. I really like it.

BMW 228i

Interior design

Even if my 2016 interior is typical F- series time one, the lift model up 2017 is rather a new chapter. That really is what more modern fabric texture can make… The wood implementations are also new and quality of them are the same as at the 6 Series GT. Nice, isn’t it? And the design is also bit different than before the lifting.

The 2 series became also a new cockpit, not yet virtual, but much more modern. Classic cockpit in the Convertible has for sure one big advantage, you can see something in the sun.

Seats are typically F-Series, I like them really much. They are ok for the 1000 km trip even if that isn’t the class of the 5-Series. They are also a bit narrow and you can really set it so low that you think you sit on the floor, or even ground.

M steering wheel is the class in its own. That also has one more advantage: the buttons are shaped, and you always know what you touch.

BMW 228i


Driving that car is a never-ending fun. You have to watch that car all the time, because one look on your mobile phone can costs you unexpected lane change. It’s so sensible and spontaneous in any movement. Typical sporty style. Simultaneously, the steering is very precise. You can cut the wind like the scalpel and you can rely on the fact that the car is exactly where you wanted it to be.

On the other hand, the driving is not really demanding (until you look on the road). It’s comfortable enough for motorway, and it works perfectly on high speed.

On the M-Sport suspension the car is a real sporty machine, but without huge lack of comfort.  On the adaptive one, it could be the granturismo and stable enough on the mountain roads. The suspension is really effective, working with the nice sound of working air and oil like old Fox suspension in the quad.

That car is perfectly balanced, small and playful. You can really drive it wild and sidewalls when you want, or set it really calm to enjoy the nature.

The car is a bit heavy, because the scale shows 1650 kg for the 228i. But you don’t really feel it. The weight lays low, the brakes are all right. I’ve overheated them only ones on the mountain road down in Slovenia, driving behind my friend on the motorcycle. For such an activities you need the M-brakes.

BMW 228i

Driving open

You buy the Convertible to drive it opened and enjoy the nature. It is really comfortable here because of the big wind-cut. For me it is important to drive open, up to 180 kph and 6 hours. It is definitely possible with that car. That small car has also no problems to be driven over the 200 with the closed roof.

The closing procedure is a bit long, especially when you feel the rain on your body. It takes 25 seconds.

BMW 228i
BMW 228i


Because of weight of that Convertible, the 230i version is the minimum to have fun from the engine. I have driven 120i 118d 116d and that wasn’t enough… If you want the BMW, let’s make if BMW. One exception: I don’t drive it in the winter. In the mountains, it would be a catastrophe.

So, the 230i has enough power to show you which axis is driven. With an automatic transmission and the turbo engine it is not the easiest car to handle, but I’m not using it on the track. Most customers don’t do it and most customers can’t do it. Therefore, I’m happy that the DSC is watching what I do and allows me to make my tires squeezing without the risk to lose the amount of money that I don’t have.

The engine has holly nice sound, and you can hear it clearly with the open roof. With the closed roof you hear mainly the V8 engine imitation from the speakers. Of course, only until you let the real engine to breathe. on the other hand, newer constructions with that engine have lot better sound. Same as the old Z4.

BMW 228i

Assistant situation

Like every F-Series car, there are the driving assistant with emergency breaking, lane departure warning and after lifting, also ACC available.

What is missing, is the lane keep assistant, it would be really helpful in that car when you want to switch off yourself a little bit. There is also no blind spot monitor, what is not the big problem, because of good shaped mirrors, and that you are often quicker then 90% of the traffic.


Even if the lack of some assistant systems doesn’t place that car in the first row of the modern ones, it is an unbelievably complete offer that can give you so much fun of having rear wheel driven Convertible. Convertible that allows you to drive for one week to Italy with no doubts about the trunk volume, or high-speed opened comfort.

Some say that the BMW 2 Series coupe/Convertible are best BMWs. It definitely is right.

BMW 228i