BMW 5 G30 (and all other G) Idrive Tips and Tricks

That is nothing big, but let’s check if you know some smarter functions of your BMW Idrive:

If you start your adventure with the car together with the user manual, you make it right. If you scroll through each option onthe iDrive, it is also ok. If you don’t, that is the article for you, but I’m surprised that you paid for the cool features and you don’t use them ;)

Varying the upper body ventilation temperature

Do you miss that feature there on the BMW G-generation car?

Varying the upper body ventilation temperature

It’s still available. You have to follow that way:

Menu on the Climate Control Panel > Upper body ventilation temperature


Upper body ventilation temperature

Cool, but really uncomfortable to go always that way…

There’s of course a solution:

The memory buttons on your BMW

Not a lot of people know that you can save not only radio, not only navigation address, but also the menu functionality. Just go to the upper body ventilation temperature window and hold the (e.g. 6 here) button. Ready. You can now set the temperature only with a few clicks.

I have also saved there: Home Address, On-Board Computer, Trip details, Car status etc.

Automatic air recirculation control AUC

Do you miss that button?

You can of course still find it in the menu on the Climate Control Panel:

Why should you care? There are still some heavy polluted World areas. If you drive through them the car will close the air inlet from outside of the car. It is not right on the long-term periods, because lack of the air can make you sleepy. In such situation it’s good to know why and where you can find it. (Best regards to Silesia in Central Europe!)

But don’t worry, BMW is smart enough and opens the air inlet itself soon after closing it. According to the air conditions.

Sync Button

Setting the dual climate control has been annoying me for such a long time at smaller BMWs. I don’t like to make the same things twice: set the temperature for me and for nobody at passenger side.

There’s a solution, the sync button: that synchronise all areas with the driver settings. That’s what I like. The World under control :P

SYNC button

Cruise Control added value threshold

As my ACC compound is the speed assistant available, it sets the actual allowed speed on the Cruise Control only with one joystick touch.

Cool, but everybody knows that the car does not travel 50 kph when it shows 50 kph (to be honest I check it always with GPS on my mobile what my speed really is, the TomTom navigation shows it together with the information about traffic cameras). We want to travel exactly 50, or maybe… 53? Sure, and that’s possible: you can set the added value on the menu there:

My vehicle > Vehicle settings > Speed Limit Assist

… and the car will always be automatically traveling for example 55 at 50. One of coolest Idea on that car.

Cruice Control added value

t.b.c. ;)