BMW 6 Series F06 – Review

When the 2 Coupe/Cabrio gives you best driving emotions, the 6 Series, is for me, the best looking one. I have to say, it was not my first date with that car and I am thinking for two years, not how to get it, but how to… make some of my garages longer. BMW 6 Series is also much more my choice then 5 Series or 7 Series.

Main Graph:

At the beginning: Main graph and short comment about it.

BMW 640d
BMW 640d

What we see, the 640d is very comfortable car, but not too comfortable. What I mean I have still feedback from wheels (what I can’t say about the 7-Series). The powerful engine doesn’t mean the 6 Series is really sporty. It’s rather stable and easy to drive. ( Graph is rated with specific engine and all options equipped)

Exterior design

It looks aggressive, looks strong, looks like typical, classic BMW in XXL size. When I see it, I see the harmony, I see the elegant, luxurious and balanced car, full of taste and smooth lines. Only the front lights design could indicate, that is the not nowadays project, even if that are Adaptive LED.

The BMW 6 Series still looks so fresh, that is hard to believe that is the end of production.*

*Valid only until 8 Series Lunch ;)

Interior design

That is probably the best interior I have ever seen.

All because of connection of the middle tunnel with the front wall, it’s unbelievable. Smooth lines are cutting clearly and naturally, the driver area and the passenger one. Even if the interior in 6 Series GT (lunched 2017) is much more modern, that one has something in it.

You have surprisingly not a lot of free space around you. It’s because the 6 Series hug you tight with sporty feeling and you have everything directly under your hand.

The interior looks luxurious but also simple and calm. That is not screaming, look how eccentric am I, or how expensive was that (like some Mercedes interiors). It makes you relaxed and ready for the activities at your destination. And that is pretty important for me.

All connected with the best infotainment system, let you feel good, and relax fully (until… you see that you are out of line and you need line keep assistance, what is the option that you can’t get there).

The navigation still makes mistakes. (See my article about TomTom)

The seating position is truly low, and I had to go little bit higher than other cars to see anything, even if I like to sit on the floor. The sport seat is very interesting, with the sporty trim keeps you stable, simultaneously have the perfect hardness and let you play a little bit during the long trips.

The buttons under the central screen are same as at F01 and that looks old. That is the only thing inside, that tells you, the 6 Series project have already a couple of years…

And one more time, buttons are ok. Just make it friendlier please…

BMW 6 Series gives you a lot of fun from driving. Suspension is stiffer than at 7 Series and you don’t have the feeling that you “don’t know where your wheels are”, 6 Series gives you a lot of feedback from the road surface, you can feel much more self-confident and drive more precisely. It is big and important difference when comparing with the 7 Series. It is also different then 5 Series.

The car has a sporty character, but is also big, heavy and stable.

That feels more like your well-known wife, then a young hot teen girl.

6 Series do all right and with no doubts, but there are none smoke and squeaky tires.

That is not easy to drive it sidewalls with xdrive and to drive it daily and at winter without the xdrive. If you want to push it hard, there is one Version to do it right, that is called M6. The normal 6 has soft suspension, it’s hard to go really wild on the mountain roads.

Bullshit! The 6 Series has one problem: The difference between the Sport mode and Sport+ is too big. Some examples: The 430d could be really aggressive even in sport mode. The 230i let you drift slightly in sport mode. But 640d not. It is everything like playing with the tiger separated with the glass. You have to activate the sport+ to see that tiger face to face (sport+ activates the sport mode of stability control, what means that you can spin, and the IT Specialist wouldn’t really help you). And that is a big problem. Because most of cars users are not professionals and cannot drive 300 HP car without electronics. But most people who buy this car want to do it and don’t waste money. In sport+ mode the 640d is super sharp, and finally behaves as it should… all or nothing. Not so modern there?

Nevertheless, 6 Series is perfect for everything else.

For now, there is hard to say, what can be better on it, or on any other car… Or wait a minute! Yes, engine: unfortunately, that was 640d not 650i (maybe that is the reason, that sport mode isn’t sharp enough?), I would prefer the petrol engine here. 3.0 BMW Diesel is not bad, but V8 petrol is better choice, when you buy the car for 130 k €. Why not to do it right? Or half right with 3.0 petrol? Have you heard that sound of petrol there!?

In the city, you feel the 5 meters of BMW 6 Series. Parking places are often to short, turns to narrow. Because xdrive do not like turning around. But cruising is still much easier then at 7 Series, because the car is not lazy, reacts quicker and precisely.

What is missing?

There is no Line Keep Assistant and no Traffic Jam Assistant. At the Configurator you can not find a tow hook. Even if google knows, you can order it, please do not ask me, how much it costs… That’s one of the reasons I do not have the 6 Series convertible yet – because I need my bicycle always with me, and the tow hook is equally expensive as a professional enduro bicycle…

Convertible situation

The trunk is big enough, also at convertible. There is enough place to take everything for the one week in Italy. The soft roof have also the unbelievable design with the ‘horns’ on the back. It looks like see devil. Awesome.


The BMW (M)6 Series is the most expensive BMW on the market. And there are the reasons of that situation. You get exactly what you pay. Classic lovely design, rich sporty character, lot of comfort, powerful reliable engine, impressive infotainment. All the best, what BMW can give you. If you want to buy a big BMW, you should buy 6 Series. Not 5 and not 7.

The only reason to not to do it is: a lot of jealous people around you (that days I had to park away from my customers, even if they know that we are developing cars…), or… that the 8 Series will be lunched soon.

Is the BMW 7 Series F01 still modern car?

That was totally unexpected… therefore only short note about it: We had an appointment 260 km ahead, and my friend came at the morning with the previous BMW 7 Series generation and asked me to drive, because he had the work to do…

Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior is… like previous 7 Series. Nothing hot for me, and it have to be like that, invisible. Next week I should have 6 Series, and that is the right choice if somebody want to talk about exterior design.

The interior design is generally really nice, there are lot of complicated shapes and lines, that looks really good. The materials of the interior are also better than previous 5 Series, only thing that tells us the age of the car are ordinary buttons.

I don’t have nothing against the buttons in BMW, but here it looks old like Famous Trio on the Grand Tour…

My good impression could also have something in common with my favorite wood inserts. So, the interior – still ok!

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior
BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

Driving is like everybody expect, it is more like sailing then driving. That is the motorway killer and I generally don’t know where that 260 km gone. That is generally dangerous car, because you can drive 200 kmh, feel like 120 kmh and have no idea what is happening under the tires, because that car gives you completely no feedback, and that feeling is much stronger than at 5 Series. I have realized that I didn’t use the sport mode, that was the first BMW that haven’t pushed me to do it.

Ok, ok, I didn’t want to smash my friend face with his notebook…

Things are more complicated in the city, because the 7 Series is lazy… That turns and brakes slowly, all with the grace and authority. Ah ok I was totally relaxed and in Comfort+ mode… Designed to do so and make it so. I would personally prefer to know more about it, where my wheels are, and what they do.


That driving was surprisingly, not boring. Little bit because of HEAD-UP Display and Active Cruise Control, little bit because of that,

that is still BMW and you can find that wild DNA somewhere deep in the plushness of comfortable suspension.

The Assistance Palette

…was here not bad, despite of that there is missing Line Keeping Assistant. One of the most important for me, especially on such a car… Of course, at the G Series we have already the next generation of Driving Assistant Plus, but you cannot compare the prices of that cars. The Active Cruise Control is working well, no mistake on the 150 km distance, what is obviously not a long enough test.

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior
BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

The BMW 3.0 Diesel is the best Diesel engine I have ever driven, and the only Diesel that dosen’t make me sick because of typical Diesel behavior. Even if I don’t like Diesels, that is logical choice for that car. 9 liters is enough to feed it.


If you need that segment car, and you don’t have to have warranty on it, you can buy it and I wouldn’t be surprised that you have made it. It is still modern car for specific customer, who need huge comfort, but still want to drive BMW.

BMW 5 Series G30 Interior and Infotainment

Because I have been testing the BMW 5 Series G31 Touring in 520d, I want to focus on the more positive things than the basic motor. That is nothing more sad than BMW without power. There will be enough chances to talk about drivetrain of that car.

Step back: I have been driving previous generation of 5 Series last year. That was M550d at a full glory. From some reasons, I was confused: That was not really state of the art of autonomy. Interior was also not so fresh as it could be.

Do not understand me wrong, it is always f…abulous nice to drive BMW, but customers have been awaiting the new generation of automated driving. Why? Because that is the Business car and they need it to travel between Hamburg and München every week.

(I want to see Driving Assistant Plus in 1 Series, why not?)

And after 400 km, I want to be driven the next 400 km itself (and left at the end, with the energy for jogging!)

Materials are much more better then earlier

(Yes you see the TomTom there, why I need it? you can read it there:)

How to use smart navigation systems?

BMW also didn’t have the best interiors, just because that was not most important thing of the sporty car. Honestly, you forget everything around you, when the Bavarian horses starts to breathe. But nowadays… if you want to stay alive, you have to produce the complete cars…

Once I’ve said, when BMW learn how to make so fine Cockpits like “some” others, that will be big problem… for that others.

And that moment has come.

So, what I have learned in the first 600 km in new 5 Series:

New I-Drive and Infotainment: Is good. That is for sure the best Infotainment system on the market, even if 70% of the users haven’t seen 70% of the functionality. I am using 98% of it, and I really appreciate that. The main goal at the new look of the system was to tidy it a little bit up. And it is a bit different from that, what I am used to. But is still good I-drive where I have always something to do, when I want to have all the things, as I want to have it. And I do not need it as a Touchscreen (who want to clean that?).

Digital Cockpit: That works perfect. There is everything what I need on the screen. Only question is, how it would work at Convertible with sunshine on it?

Driving assistance plus: That is finally what tears me on when I am already off, because it allows you to drive longer and safer. And it is the point if you make 50 thousands kilometer per year. And that consists everything what is important: keeps the distance from others, keeps the line, brakes in emergency case alone. Try it ones, and you will never forget it.

Interior: The Interior of that BMW 5 Series is finally precious. With the Ambient light feature, works in the all conditions when it should make things easier, when you arrives to the car… with somebody else. Design is really elegant, materials are much more better and it is composed with good quality buttons. Because nobody said that everything have to be on the touchscreens.

The aim of that 2 days on the G31 with a poor motor was to discover if it is modern enough to be succesfull on the market. I have to say, it is exactly what I have awaiting from it, and it is one of the best BMW I have  been driving.

You are given typical BMW driving, finally connected with nowadays features.

And there is one more gift, that platform is also available as 6 Gran Coupe. Offers more comfort and the same modern features. Well done.

PS. I have tested it in Tirol. That is unbelievable stable with xdrive, but if the things goes wrong, you realise how much that weighs! Fortunately the IT specialist have saved my wallet again…