How to buy your first (affordable) modern car?

Most of the people still drive old cars, or even if they buy a brand new one, it goes completely like the old one. People don’t know the current offer of cars and they don’t want to change anything. They have doubts and want nothing more.

And changing things, it costs of course the money that people don’t want or can’t afford to pay. That is of course completely wrong.

So today you have a chance to get out of the automotive stone age.

The aim today, is to take something affordable.

As an example, I will take quite-modern Mazda Cx-3. The stylish city car based on Mazda 2, which normally doesn’t have a chance to be more than an ordinary shit… But truly, it really does have it.

If you don’t need so much style, you can also check Mazda 3.

I had an opportunity to travel with Mazda Cx-3 last time. Both, as a passenger and as a driver. Even if I know Mazda cars, driving that car in a basic version was disgusting and I almost crashed.

(that is not that white one in the photos, white one is somewhere in the middle way from the stone-age)

Mazda Cx-3 is a lovely looking car. Not only the exterior but also interior design is utterly fantastic in that segment! Generally, it all looks like ‘million-city-dollars’. So, it is a good base to talk about.

I have listed some points below that will make your new vehicle a modern and safe car:



Always the most important thing. Your car doesn’t do turn’s, your car doesn’t break, your car doesn’t accelerate. All of that is caused, mainly (80%) by the tire! Because the tire is the only thing that has contact with the ground.

Even if you have M-brakes, it wouldn’t help you when you have “all seasons”, or cheap tires!

At that cute Cx-3 rental car, some ‘holly shit’ tires were installed. I don’t know what it was, but the rubber had completely no grip even at the dry pavement. The profile of that tire was also very high. I had the feeling that I was swimming on the corners. And I almost flew away from the road.

Solution: even if you drive slowly and carefully, buy expensive tyres. If you haven’t got any influence on what comes with the new car, ask the salesmen what you can do to be sure you can have better tires on the bigger wheels. They will be more stable and, generally, manufacturers use better quality tires for bigger wheels. Solution in the case of Mazda: The Sports-Line (Sky-Passion) version is equipped with an 18” wheels with the right tires.

Mazda Cx-5 on Toyo Tires

Mazda Cx-5 on Toyo Tires

City Brake assistant

Most of the sad small, and most problematic crashes take place in the city and traffic jams. There is a system that can eliminate 90% of them. That is the radar-based system that brakes your car when you forget. How many problems and how much time could it save? I’m aware of the fact that people make mistakes and during living in a big city I have been saved by that systems multiple times, much more often that I want to admit. Needless to say, my trunk has been saved from the others.

Mazda offers that system already on the second level of equipment: Center-Line

Mazda Cx-3

Mazda Press Materials


The first step to see something at night was initiated by introducing the Xenon lights. They were completely all right, but there were problems to manage the light direction. Therefore, many companies have introduced the adaptive Xenon Lights, they are designed to follow the movements of your steering wheel.

If you have the Xenon lights it is generally enough to drive safely.

If you have the old-style yellow lights, you had better watch TV than go outside ;)

The State of Art are today the Adaptive LED lights. Designing the path of the beams gives a great scope of freedom, which is a great advantage when you want to choose where they should cast the light…

The day when the cars won’t offer high beam and low beam lights is near. Adaptive LED ones are radar and camera-based lights and during the high beam mode, they can switch off only in specific areas, only where there are the other traffic participants. In the most advanced solutions you can forget completely to switch off your high beams. Manufacturers’ adverts are telling about thousands of pixels etc…

That is a really useful thing, that doesn’t make your eyes tired, and I really love to observe the behaviour of these lights, for a long hours when I’m travelling. Honestly, it’s better than any game for me, just to watch what they do. I’ve never thought there are so many animals on the side of the roads in the forest…

The only problem is, if you have a 20-year-old car, you will see nothing when there are modern cars around you, and probably you could have problems to be seen by the cameras, because of your really weak lights…

Mazda Cx-3 offers LED Lights in the Exclusive-Line. There aren’t any adaptive ones Mazda Cx-3. On Cx-5 from the year 2015.

Mazda Cx-5 Adaptive LED

Mazda Cx-5 Adaptive LED


Do you still have the cassette tape interface on your car? No? So why do you want to shift the gears?

Manual gearbox costs you and your passenger lot of comfort even if you can’t imagine that- because you have no experience with the automatic one. I do not know anybody who says ‘no, I want a manual gearbox even I already have an automatic one’ – I can understand the presence of manual gearbox in the Mx-5 roadster or BMW M4, where you can better control the car when drifting, but in a normal car on a normal road? It is really a ‘Stone Age’ and lack of comfort. Try it and you’ll never go back. Even if in Mazda Cx-3 it will cost you 2000€.

Lane keep assistant

The aim of that system is to keep you on the lane as long as possible, especially when you are doing some stupid things simultaneously to driving. Or when you fall sleep. It is less important in a city, more on the motorway. That system could really save your life. The most advanced versions are able to keep you on the lane even if you don’t hold the steering wheel for a long time.

Mazda is a little bit confusing here because they don’t offer a lane keep assistant in Mazda Cx-3, even if they say so. There is only the lane departure warning, and the car wouldn’t make any corrections of a driving direction. Fully working lane keep assistant is available in Mazda Cx-5 and it works pretty well. Even if you don’t hold the steering wheel, it will hold you 10 seconds on the lane, before you hear the warning.

Mazda Press Materials

Mazda Press Materials

Active Cruise Control and traffic jam assistant

The most irritating situation on the road is traffic jam. You have to be careful, operate the brake and gas pedal. The worst thing that can happen is the manual gearbox. Imagine that you want to participate in the run, and your left leg is completely off because of one-hour traffic and pushing the pedals…

Imagine that in some cars you have to do nothing. No shifting, no braking, no accelerating, nothing. Nothing, nothing? Nothing, nothing, nothing!

You can neither find it in Mazda Cx-3, nor in the BMW 1 Series. But Mazda Cx-5 or each Audi will show you how it works.

Mazda Cx-3

Mazda Press Materials

4×4 Drivetrain

The CX-3 with an 2×4 drive, means front wheels drive, was not optimal for me when I’m used to driving the 4×4 one. I’m used to launching the car effectively, with an 4×4 I can use even the smallest free space in the traffic, especially in bad weather conditions. When the road is wet or frozen, the 4×4 drive gives you much more confidence in each situation when you push the gas pedal. When you are more aware of using your car, you will notice a completely different behaviour of the car on the corners.

The only exception is that case, if you buy the car for your girlfriend. Mine have driven full time 4×4 car 140 kph on the completely white motorway surface, and she doesn’t notice that it is snow…

and because the 4×4 car brakes completely same like the any other car, you have to be careful with giving the confidence to the drivers they are not 100% aware of what they are doing.

Mazda Press Materials

Mazda Press Materials

Premium Audio Systems

I have to say I have never liked to hear music in the car until I have bought the car equipped with BOSE. The cheapest audio systems injure my ears. I prefer not to hear it at all than accept the poor music quality. The BOSE there has additional advantage: noise cancellation system. Because the Cx-3 has typical city acoustic insulation (read: poor), it is really useful to balance it with such a system that offers BOSE. And it works. If you want to hear exactly, try the BOSE Headphones.

Mazda Cx-5 BOSE

Mazda Cx-5 BOSE


I could say there:

If you think that you are such a f.. good driver and you don’t need anything to drive (even if you are 60 years old for example), you are the most dangerous participant of the traffic.


If you think that you are alone on the road and any other user makes you nervous only because they are there…

But it doesn’t make sense to say so… because I’m also not a saint with my driving style.

There are a lot of different people on the roads and they make millions of mistakes.

But if you can eliminate at least a few of them by having a modern car, you can save your time, stay in the completely new comfort zone and in the end, you will see how better the streets are.

Yes…a modern car costs money. If you think that you don’t need it, just rent such a car for a week. I promise you that it will be difficult to forget it.

And if you want a real modern car, look at CX-5, Audi, Mercedes, or any other car, but equipped as above.

Mazda Cx-3 and Cx-5

Mazda Cx-3 and Cx-5