How to use smart navigation systems?

…just to learn which is working…

Do you know how much time do you waste each month in traffic jams?

Do you know how much does that time cost?

Do you know that you can avoid it?

Why people don’t use it?

There are many systems on the market, that are advertised as Live Traffic Navigation. To be honest, most of them do not work.

During each car test, I have always 2 or 3 navigating systems activated, just to compare and they make often stupid things…

There is one system that wins each and every time.

I also really often hear that some people use Google. Google is the best system to plan trips and see what the traffic is like. But it makes unbelievable lot of mistakes during the navigating. For example, Google likes letting you drive along small one-way roads in opposite direction, or private roads. The most irritating situations are, when you try to avoid the traffic, and in the middle, you see closed roads.

I also test the cars, where navigating system costs 2000 €. And it is f… funny to see how often they lose the duel with the cheap app.


Travelling over completly blocked motorway

Travelling over completly blocked motorway (under Rosenheim)

Moreover, I have spoken with some professionals, truck or ambulance drivers, and they also travel with that system.

We all use TomTom. And nobody pays us for it, also not for what you are reading now.

The Waste at the glance:


I will give you some numbers:

My start-stop system has been activated for 35 hours over the last year, also despite of that I am avoiding 90% of possible traffic. And I don’t travel by car to work.

My friend who uses car to go to work daily, needed over 50 hours. That is only the time when the start-stop is activated, so that means you waste much more than that.

The professional research says, that people lose even up to 48 h per month that way.

The traffic jams are the worst waste case.  We lose time, money, petrol and health sitting and doing nothing (that is the time when you are thinking about the traffic jam assistant, to win the time to read this page).


Ok that all means, if you can avoid that waste, you get your life back.

I’ve tried to count how much I have earned using TomTom. It is about 24 hours over 35 thousand kilometres distance. It is one complete day, so how would you feel if I gave you an extra holiday day? There was also a frequent situation when I earned 2 hours during a single trip. And that was 8 hours instead of 10, which is extremely important for your safety on such a trip. Once, I have won not to spend the long night on the motorway because of complete road block on the horrible 70 cars accident. TomTom offered me an alternative road 3 times, because of the next traffic jams around, and finally I was travelling on the empty quiet road, looking at the blue lights of emergency cars on the motorway. I’ve avoided completely blocked roads minimum 10 times, with that navigation for the last 6 years.

How it works?

How does it work exactly? It is very easy: The navigation shows the traffic precisely. You have some options to choose: ‘don’t care’, ‘let me choose’, or ‘optimise always’. With the second option you can see the blue current planned road and the green one: with the time that you can win. The last option always shows you only the optimised one and does not ask anything. I recommend you to use the second option. You must switch it on after app installation, and the same with the traffic.


Example: travelling to Genfer Autosalon.

I am pretty sure, that without TomTom I would get stuck in traffic the whole day and would see nothing.

That day I avoided wasting more than 4 hours. You can see the green road I took. You can also see the traffic in the city, later I changed the destination to the end of one of that traffic jams. I expected the Parking to be there. TomTom chose the alternative way immediately, I got the Parking in 10 minutes from the airport.





So why that one works and the other don’t? It is hard to say. But my tests in the hardest condition like Genfer Autosalon, Neuschwanstein, or any big cities al 5 PM show the power of TomTom.


Of course, even TomTom is not perfect. It is possible that traffic is not loaded, or there is possibility of application crash. Another thing is that even TomTom makes mistakes. The best solution for all these problem is to clear the phone RAM and switch it off and on. You may also have some doubts, when you are travelling from München to Frankfurt, and you have 3 motorways to choose. TomTom is still trying to travel the nearest solution and avoid traffic locally, because nobody said that this situation would be the same in two hours. In my opinion that is right (in most cases). Anyway, It is also only the app and will not replace your experience.

You do not have to buy a TomTom as an external device. You can download the mobile app for about 20 € for a year, or if you are lucky there are also the cars which have TomTom build in.

You can also try it for free.

Old good Tomtom build in Mazda CX5 first generation (dicontinued with Lifting unfortunately)

Old good Tomtom build in Mazda CX5 first generation (dicontinued with Lifting unfortunately) 

I can’t imagine travelling without that system anymore. I can recommend it to everybody and I am doing it without any cooperation with that company. I wish you good savings.