Is the BMW 7 Series F01 still modern car?

That was totally unexpected… therefore only short note about it: We had an appointment 260 km ahead, and my friend came at the morning with the previous BMW 7 Series generation and asked me to drive, because he had the work to do…

Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior is… like previous 7 Series. Nothing hot for me, and it have to be like that, invisible. Next week I should have 6 Series, and that is the right choice if somebody want to talk about exterior design.

The interior design is generally really nice, there are lot of complicated shapes and lines, that looks really good. The materials of the interior are also better than previous 5 Series, only thing that tells us the age of the car are ordinary buttons.

I don’t have nothing against the buttons in BMW, but here it looks old like Famous Trio on the Grand Tour…

My good impression could also have something in common with my favorite wood inserts. So, the interior – still ok!

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior


Driving is like everybody expect, it is more like sailing then driving. That is the motorway killer and I generally don’t know where that 260 km gone. That is generally dangerous car, because you can drive 200 kmh, feel like 120 kmh and have no idea what is happening under the tires, because that car gives you completely no feedback, and that feeling is much stronger than at 5 Series. I have realized that I didn’t use the sport mode, that was the first BMW that haven’t pushed me to do it.

Ok, ok, I didn’t want to smash my friend face with his notebook…

Things are more complicated in the city, because the 7 Series is lazy… That turns and brakes slowly, all with the grace and authority. Ah ok I was totally relaxed and in Comfort+ mode… Designed to do so and make it so. I would personally prefer to know more about it, where my wheels are, and what they do.


That driving was surprisingly, not boring. Little bit because of HEAD-UP Display and Active Cruise Control, little bit because of that,

that is still BMW and you can find that wild DNA somewhere deep in the plushness of comfortable suspension.

The Assistance Palette

…was here not bad, despite of that there is missing Line Keeping Assistant. One of the most important for me, especially on such a car… Of course, at the G Series we have already the next generation of Driving Assistant Plus, but you cannot compare the prices of that cars. The Active Cruise Control is working well, no mistake on the 150 km distance, what is obviously not a long enough test.

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior


The BMW 3.0 Diesel is the best Diesel engine I have ever driven, and the only Diesel that dosen’t make me sick because of typical Diesel behavior. Even if I don’t like Diesels, that is logical choice for that car. 9 liters is enough to feed it.


If you need that segment car, and you don’t have to have warranty on it, you can buy it and I wouldn’t be surprised that you have made it. It is still modern car for specific customer, who need huge comfort, but still want to drive BMW.