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Audi A5 Cabriolet (C: Audi press materials)

My Complete Car Definition

As the automotive development engineer, I see the World from bit wider perspective, mainly a couple years earlier then you. […]

Porsche Cayenne - Porsche Press Materials

Porsche to stop selling Diesels, Virtual Cockpit in cheap cars.

That is not most fresh feed, but I’ve made 2000 kilometres that weekend and I had no time to post […]

The new BMW X4 xDrive M40d Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

BMW has shown the new BMW X4 G02.

  Does it ride how we expect?   Driving the new BMW is more and more precious, fine and easier. […]


How to use smart navigation systems?

…just to learn which is working… Do you know how much time do you waste each month in traffic jams? […]

Mercedes A-Class 2018

Will MBUX give Mercedes the reliable Infotainment?

From the last Year C-Class test, I remember two things: Really good Audio (basic!), that cooled me down immediately after […]

Ambient light on the friday night

BMW 5 Series G30 Interior and Infotainment

Because I have been testing the BMW 5 Series G31 Touring in 520d, I want to focus on the more […]

Am I that Diesel Monkey?!

Last days we were able to read horrible news: the VW and also other Companies have tested their Diesel exhaust […]