Porsche Macan 2.0 – Review

Porsche Macan is said to be the best SUV of the World. If you see the configurator, which looks like very tasty beef steak ,you will add up a little bit of equipment and some people think, that it will work like the 911 one, even if there is no S letter in the name.


The 2019 lifting model should be available within one month. I’ve taken the 2018 Version to see if it works. There should be a new interior and new features available with the new model. The driving and the character should stay the same.

Moderngranturismo graph.

Macan 2.0

Macan has had the best-looking graph of its short history since I started rating cars. And it is true, that it is one of the best compromised cars between the sport and the comfort one. That Porsche is unbelievably stable and balanced on the corners, perfectly insulated, and little bit too slow with the basic engine. But the S version is more expensive by only 4000 €.

Exterior Design

Design of Macan is very adequate and conspicuous. You can immediately recognise that is the Porsche, and with smooth lines, it loses heaviness and gains more lightness. The Coupe style of the rear reduces the capacity of the trunk, but matches well to the sporty character of the car. Big wheels, some exterior equipment and you can really enjoy it.

Interior Design

Interior design is comparable with the BMW F Series times, even if you find it a bit heavier.The materials look like having some years…

Nevertheless, I love that design with all the buttons in the middle tunnel.

How the new interior will look like, we can see in the new Cayenne style.

*No… That was only my expectation. Macan 2019 hast been shown with only minimal changes in interior. Even if it has been shown in China, I don’t think if it would looks different in Europe. That looks not good enough for me. Big screen is not everything.

So it’stay not so modern but still typical Porsche.

The steering wheel is a bit slimmer than the BMW M one but it is also very good. Also, its setting range is sufficient.

Sitting position is rather vertical but very comfortable.

Basic trim seats are very good, after 4 hours I didn’t feel any problems.

The Panorama glass roof is huge and works silently, there isn’t much noise inside when it’s open.


Driving Macan is like to be glued to the road. It is unbelievably stable, it does not tilt nor lean sideways on the corners,it makes completely no unnecessary movements. Porsche is much quicker than you think and than your girlfriend thinks.

It is a sporty car and you are pretty sure that you can rely on that construction without any doubts after 5 minutes ride.

Macan is also incredibly well insulated. Better than a new BMW 5 and you are utterly in your own comfortable world while driving it.

And it works until you touch the brakes. That is no matter if you have sports brakes and sports tires, the car with you on board weights nearly 2 tones. I use the SUVs in the worst conditions possible, and that could be the big problem, on the white roads you can have some issues. You can’t cheat the physics, the weight is the weight and if you have no grip, there is the question if you go ahead in the snow or can break in emergency.
The weight of that cars class: Q5 and X4 are comparable and people don’t drive it off-road.

So, if you want to take it out of the road, don’t forget that it will be easier with 1,500 kg SUV’s.

You can see in the photos that the test Macan had the 4 seasons tires. That is not acceptable for me, but it was funny to drift on them in the summer.

That is the common problem: people are buying expensive cars but want to save on the tires. Nothing more stupid, the first thing that you should learn about the cars is that the tires are the only part which has contact with the road. So, your car accelerates, brakes and turns as ably, as good are your tires…


I have seen many tests on the basis of which people claim that the 2.0 engine works there. That shows me what the value of that tests is… and it’s not the engine’s fault at all.

That car is much too heavy for 2.0 litres engine.

You can feel that engine wants to do everything what’s possible, but there is elasticity brutally missing. The exhaust could be also better. They could make it better for that engine at Wolfsburg.

So, if you want to buy Macan, it has to be minimum S Version.

If I drove that car, I would want to disappear quickly.

Assistance Situation

I want to rate it first when I see the lifting. With this car I had none of them.


If you want to have Macan, it would be good to give it more love.

Basic engine and basic interior is not what I expect from Porsche.

It probably doesn’t have to be the full equipment for me, but also not basic trim. I would also ask what tires come with it, to be sure that you have the best possible choice on your sporty SUV. With 2019one, the lifting should come with much better interior (we know already that it didn’t happen) and many interesting features, so don’t forget to order maximal safety and assistance equipment to drive safely and avoid stupid problems during exploitation.

The Porsche residual wert is behaving much better than other manufacturers. Check before you leave it back after leasing.

And most excitingly, Porsche is does not offer diesels from the spring 2018. Good choice.