Porsche to stop selling Diesels, Virtual Cockpit in cheap cars.

That is not most fresh feed, but I’ve made 2000 kilometres that weekend and I had no time to post it earlier.

That could be common there… that I am traveling to much.

We have two things there:

Porsche to stop selling Diesels. That is the historical moment. I was always sure, that Diesel is not right choice for Porsche. Sorry if you want sports car, you want a sports car. That is not LMP1, that Diesel had nothing in common with the performance car. If you buy Porsche, you should feed it correctly. I am very happy to see that Porsche comes back to petrol and hybrid only. BTW, in my opinion plug-in hybrid is ok. It could be really effective and powerful. Only problem is the weight, but let them optimise it…

Second thing is that KIA and Skoda introducing the new cars equipped with the Virtual Cockpits… would it mean that that cars would more complete? Maybe, but adding the Virtual cockpit to the nothing-special-car do not make better car for me. Driving first.

More about my complete car definition is coming soon. Stay tuned.