Will MBUX give Mercedes the reliable Infotainment?

From the last Year C-Class test, I remember two things:

Really good Audio (basic!), that cooled me down immediately after a stressful day,

And the Infotainment, where I had nothing to do after 10 minutes.

And maybe it is the best thing what I can say, because you need only 10 minutes to learn everything, what is perfect when you have 60 years old and you don’t need Infotainment, but for me it is boring… I must have something to do when I am traveling all day at motorway. So, there was not enough information about the Car status, petrol consumption etc. Moreover, each window on the screen had completely different graphic, I had the feeling that’s downloaded from a couple of different cars.

And now Mercedes have lunched This:

Mercedes MBUX

Mercedes MBUX

That is MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) and it looks impressive. Apart from what do you think about Design of a new A-Class.

What I can say, it is the big chance for MB.

I wish the MBUX the best. It is quite difficult task to make the system easy for light-users and interesting for demanding ones.

I don’t think that changed their mind and designed such a complex system like my favorite I-Drive. They are making that lot easier not without the reasons: A lot of Customers (generally) don’t even understand how to set air conditioning properly…

You can watch the Prasentation from Amsterdam here:

(By the way it is the exellent source of the Cars Tests)