My Complete Car Definition

As the automotive development engineer, I see the World from bit wider perspective, mainly a couple years earlier then you.

I am also the customer. With the obsessive inability to tolerate shitty solutions on cars…

Below I want to explain, my definition of the term “Complete Car” for the long-distance trips.

The nowadays cars have evolved:

from: “too much electronics”

to: “I want it so smart like my mobile”

very quickly, and most people are still on that first group. Even if they understand technical aspects, they have learnt that some… years ago.

The future could be sad…we wouldn’t drive, and we would rent instead of buying cars. But now we could enjoy being in the middle of that way!

What makes the Car Complete for me?

Driving first!

Most important: Driving, driving and still driving!

It must be somehow interesting. Most of time I need something fast, loud and exciting. But when I want, that has to be calm as well. Complicated compromise. That is what the modern Granturismo car has to fulfill.

Volvo or some Mercedes, are probably one of the most comfortable cars, but there will be difficult to find it here. I can’t find the place for something so calm in my garage… I have some days, when I can say, I really need it now! But I can’t buy a car for the 3 days in a year 😀

BMW M5 (C: BMW press materials)
BMW M5 (C: BMW press materials)


I do not like Front Wheel Driven Cars, life’s too short to drive them (maybe with some exceptions). Best summer car could be RWD, all other should be 4×4 for me.

That little bit over steering, that balance in the corner, that makes me happy.

Not all of 4×4 are good enough, but there are also electronically controlled which are all right.

I’m not happy with the new BMW X1 xdrive, but I’m happy with the Mazda CX-5 drivetrain. Subaru S-AWD was my best one, but there was missing anything above it…


NCAP do it right. Also, with the electronic systems rating.

Remember there is no better way to protect people, than when there is no collision.

If you have the version without the electronic safety systems, your car is less safe then full version. That systems have saved my hood two times and that have nothing in common with that if you are a good driver or not (can the daughter of your neighbour drive? Probably not😉 ). It works. And don’t worry, hardware is also always under the investigation. 5 stars are important, and that have to be nowadays 5 stars (Remember Punto test from last year?).

Convertibles are generally not safe cars, no risk no fun!

Interior quality

That is the place where you spend all the time in car. It has to be fine to make you fine. Materials and design, have to be my taste. Obvious? So, tell me why Toyota sells so much cars? Nobody needs the good interiors! Only we, here! Freaks. Last year one rental gave me an Octavia (instead of Volvo, telling that is the same class!) for 3000 km (that was one of the short moments when I wanted to drive Volvo!), smallest engine, lowest trim level. I was highly disappointed, and it was hard to enjoy the trip. It was the meditation challenge: stay happy despite of travelling that…

What is interesting, despite my love to the modern solutions, I don’t like touchscreens. Good buttons are good choice in my opinion.

Imagine setting the Porsche suspension and drive mode on touchscreen…

but on the other hand I can’t wait to try new a7 to see if I’m wrong.

Audi A7 Sportback (C: Audi press materials)
Audi A7 Sportback (C: Audi press materials)

Infotainment, Assistance equipment

If you drive too much, and I thought if you read that, you drive too much, it is much more better when somebody is watching you. It is your IT specialist.

He drives probably better then all of us. That is fact.

Full options there makes your life and your money safer. The systems I mean are: Emergency braking Assist, Active Cruise Control, Active Line Keep Assistant, Blind Spot Assistant.

Of course, conclusion of that point is sad: it is only okay, until you can still shut him up. Completely.

Porsche Panamera (C: Porsche press materials)
Porsche Panamera (C: Porsche press materials)



I always want to drive petrol engine.

I don’t like Diesels vibrations and I miss the music of petrol exhaust.

Of course, there are the cars, where the Diesel choice is obvious, but I will rather choose smaller car with bigger petrol engine.

Not every car have to be Complete…

So, tell me now, is the 10 years old Aston Martin “Complete Car”? No. But that is not important, there is so much value according to first point (driving!) and not each car have to be complete. But still, when you don’t have Aston, it’s fine, when it is as complete as it could.

Aston Martin DB11 (C: Aston Martin press materials)
Aston Martin DB11 (C: Aston Martin press materials)

Porsche to stop selling Diesels, Virtual Cockpit in cheap cars.

That is not most fresh feed, but I’ve made 2000 kilometres that weekend and I had no time to post it earlier.

That could be common there… that I am traveling to much.

We have two things there:

Porsche to stop selling Diesels. That is the historical moment. I was always sure, that Diesel is not right choice for Porsche. Sorry if you want sports car, you want a sports car. That is not LMP1, that Diesel had nothing in common with the performance car. If you buy Porsche, you should feed it correctly. I am very happy to see that Porsche comes back to petrol and hybrid only. BTW, in my opinion plug-in hybrid is ok. It could be really effective and powerful. Only problem is the weight, but let them optimise it…

Second thing is that KIA and Skoda introducing the new cars equipped with the Virtual Cockpits… would it mean that that cars would more complete? Maybe, but adding the Virtual cockpit to the nothing-special-car do not make better car for me. Driving first.

More about my complete car definition is coming soon. Stay tuned.


BMW has shown the new BMW X4 G02.


Does it ride how we expect?


Driving the new BMW is more and more precious, fine and easier. At least until you have 40i or 40d. But the point is that, when you shut down all electronic systems, would you still have fun exactly like you want? The compromise between comfort and sport is not easy to achieve, and in my opinion the Bavarian have made that, mainly right (except the new X1). That is that factor which decides if you chose Audi, Mercedes or BMW. Depends on your taste.

The interior in the G-series is a completely new standard. The materials are much more modern and with new design looks really good.



Same as 5 Series and X3, G02 will be given Driving Assistant Plus, which keeps the distance, line and brakes itself when you make mistakes. Today the car without that systems is not more complete for me. Your safety, and your wallet safety is always good reason to invest into that option.


More about new BMW Interior standards, from 5 Series ride:

BMW 5 Series G30 Interior and Infotainment


The manual gearbox is not available. Finally. If you have the grandchildren, you can start to teach them what the manual gearbox was…

If I would buy the SUV from BMW it would be that car. Stylish, big enough and at the same time not unwieldy.

That smells like the new big player and really complete car, if you want to take it on some adventure.

Update: Sitting position and first feeling:


The sitting position is slightly different then in X3. BMW makes the same trick as at first generation: The same seat from X3, but different seat positioning. And the X4 is much more my style then X3. I’ve tried sport seat and my feeling was better from the beginning. You are sitting not to high and with right angle, really comfortable, immediately ready to next hundreds of kilometres.

Sitting position at the second row is limited by the roof height. The limit lay at 175 cm passenger height, and there is enough space for knees when the driver is 180 cm. The second-row seat is comfortable and available with an angle regulation at the small range. Seat belts are also the best-known safety and comfort level.

The interior is known from the X3, and again leaved me with a good taste. Especially the wood implementation, is definitely high trim.

I have heard that X4 is more likely Mercedes than BMW now… In some way yes, it is unbelievably comfortable, but from the other hand it is still BMW DNA. Mainly with iDrive, hopefully the driving will be also typical, little bit aggressive.


I will leave you with some photos now:



How to use smart navigation systems?

…just to learn which is working…

Do you know how much time do you waste each month in traffic jams?

Do you know how much does that time cost?

Do you know that you can avoid it?


Why people don’t use it?


There are many systems on the market, that are advertised as Live Traffic Navigation. To be honest, most of them do not work.

During each car test, I have always 2 or 3 navigating systems activated, just to compare and they make often stupid things…


There is one system that wins each and every time.


I also really often hear that some people use Google. Google is the best system to plan trips and see what the traffic is like. But it makes unbelievable lot of mistakes during the navigating. For example, Google likes letting you drive along small one-way roads in opposite direction, or private roads. The most irritating situations are, when you try to avoid the traffic, and in the middle, you see closed roads.


I also test the cars, where navigating system costs 2000 €. And it is f… funny to see how often they lose the duel with the cheap app.


Travelling over completly blocked motorway
Travelling over completly blocked motorway (under Rosenheim)


Moreover, I have spoken with some professionals, truck or ambulance drivers, and they also travel with that system.


We all use TomTom. And nobody pays us for it, also not for what you are reading now.

The Waste at the glance:


I will give you some numbers:

My start-stop system has been activated for 35 hours over the last year, also despite of that I am avoiding 90% of possible traffic. And I don’t travel by car to work.

My friend who uses car to go to work daily, needed over 50 hours. That is only the time when the start-stop is activated, so that means you waste much more than that.


The professional research says, that people lose even up to 48 h per month that way.


The traffic jams are the worst waste case.  We lose time, money, petrol and health sitting and doing nothing (that is the time when you are thinking about the traffic jam assistant, to win the time to read this page).



Ok that all means, if you can avoid that waste, you get your life back.


I’ve tried to count how much I have earned using TomTom. It is about 24 hours over 35 thousand kilometres distance. It is one complete day, so how would you feel if I gave you an extra holiday day? There was also a frequent situation when I earned 2 hours during a single trip. And that was 8 hours instead of 10, which is extremely important for your safety on such a trip. Once, I have won not to spend the long night on the motorway because of complete road block on the horrible 70 cars accident. TomTom offered me an alternative road 3 times, because of the next traffic jams around, and finally I was travelling on the empty quiet road, looking at the blue lights of emergency cars on the motorway. I’ve avoided completely blocked roads minimum 10 times, with that navigation for the last 6 years.


How it works?


How does it work exactly? It is very easy: The navigation shows the traffic precisely. You have some options to choose: ‘don’t care’, ‘let me choose’, or ‘optimise always’. With the second option you can see the blue current planned road and the green one: with the time that you can win. The last option always shows you only the optimised one and does not ask anything. I recommend you to use the second option. You must switch it on after app installation, and the same with the traffic.


Example: travelling to Genfer Autosalon.


I am pretty sure, that without TomTom I would get stuck in traffic the whole day and would see nothing.


That day I avoided wasting more than 4 hours. You can see the green road I took. You can also see the traffic in the city, later I changed the destination to the end of one of that traffic jams. I expected the Parking to be there. TomTom chose the alternative way immediately, I got the Parking in 10 minutes from the airport.




So why that one works and the other don’t? It is hard to say. But my tests in the hardest condition like Genfer Autosalon, Neuschwanstein, or any big cities al 5 PM show the power of TomTom.


Of course, even TomTom is not perfect. It is possible that traffic is not loaded, or there is possibility of application crash. Another thing is that even TomTom makes mistakes. The best solution for all these problem is to clear the phone RAM and switch it off and on. You may also have some doubts, when you are travelling from München to Frankfurt, and you have 3 motorways to choose. TomTom is still trying to travel the nearest solution and avoid traffic locally, because nobody said that this situation would be the same in two hours. In my opinion that is right (in most cases). Anyway, It is also only the app and will not replace your experience.


You do not have to buy a TomTom as an external device. You can download the mobile app for about 20 € for a year, or if you are lucky there are also the cars which have TomTom build in.

You can also try it for free.


Old good Tomtom build in Mazda CX5 first generation (dicontinued with Lifting unfortunately)
Old good Tomtom build in Mazda CX5 first generation (dicontinued with Lifting unfortunately)


I can’t imagine travelling without that system anymore. I can recommend it to everybody and I am doing it without any cooperation with that company. I wish you good savings.

Will MBUX give Mercedes the reliable Infotainment?

From the last Year C-Class test, I remember two things:

Really good Audio (basic!), that cooled me down immediately after a stressful day,

And the Infotainment, where I had nothing to do after 10 minutes.

And maybe it is the best thing what I can say, because you need only 10 minutes to learn everything, what is perfect when you have 60 years old and you don’t need Infotainment, but for me it is boring… I must have something to do when I am traveling all day at motorway. So, there was not enough information about the Car status, petrol consumption etc. Moreover, each window on the screen had completely different graphic, I had the feeling that’s downloaded from a couple of different cars.

And now Mercedes have lunched This:

Mercedes MBUX
Mercedes MBUX

That is MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) and it looks impressive. Apart from what do you think about Design of a new A-Class.

What I can say, it is the big chance for MB.

I wish the MBUX the best. It is quite difficult task to make the system easy for light-users and interesting for demanding ones.

I don’t think that changed their mind and designed such a complex system like my favorite I-Drive. They are making that lot easier not without the reasons: A lot of Customers (generally) don’t even understand how to set air conditioning properly…

You can watch the Prasentation from Amsterdam here:

(By the way it is the exellent source of the Cars Tests)

BMW 5 Series G30 Interior and Infotainment

Because I have been testing the BMW 5 Series G31 Touring in 520d, I want to focus on the more positive things than the basic motor. That is nothing more sad than BMW without power. There will be enough chances to talk about drivetrain of that car.

Step back: I have been driving previous generation of 5 Series last year. That was M550d at a full glory. From some reasons, I was confused: That was not really state of the art of autonomy. Interior was also not so fresh as it could be.

Do not understand me wrong, it is always f…abulous nice to drive BMW, but customers have been awaiting the new generation of automated driving. Why? Because that is the Business car and they need it to travel between Hamburg and München every week.

(I want to see Driving Assistant Plus in 1 Series, why not?)

And after 400 km, I want to be driven the next 400 km itself (and left at the end, with the energy for jogging!)

Materials are much more better then earlier

(Yes you see the TomTom there, why I need it? you can read it there:)

How to use smart navigation systems?

BMW also didn’t have the best interiors, just because that was not most important thing of the sporty car. Honestly, you forget everything around you, when the Bavarian horses starts to breathe. But nowadays… if you want to stay alive, you have to produce the complete cars…

Once I’ve said, when BMW learn how to make so fine Cockpits like “some” others, that will be big problem… for that others.

And that moment has come.

So, what I have learned in the first 600 km in new 5 Series:

New I-Drive and Infotainment: Is good. That is for sure the best Infotainment system on the market, even if 70% of the users haven’t seen 70% of the functionality. I am using 98% of it, and I really appreciate that. The main goal at the new look of the system was to tidy it a little bit up. And it is a bit different from that, what I am used to. But is still good I-drive where I have always something to do, when I want to have all the things, as I want to have it. And I do not need it as a Touchscreen (who want to clean that?).

Digital Cockpit: That works perfect. There is everything what I need on the screen. Only question is, how it would work at Convertible with sunshine on it?

Driving assistance plus: That is finally what tears me on when I am already off, because it allows you to drive longer and safer. And it is the point if you make 50 thousands kilometer per year. And that consists everything what is important: keeps the distance from others, keeps the line, brakes in emergency case alone. Try it ones, and you will never forget it.

Interior: The Interior of that BMW 5 Series is finally precious. With the Ambient light feature, works in the all conditions when it should make things easier, when you arrives to the car… with somebody else. Design is really elegant, materials are much more better and it is composed with good quality buttons. Because nobody said that everything have to be on the touchscreens.

The aim of that 2 days on the G31 with a poor motor was to discover if it is modern enough to be succesfull on the market. I have to say, it is exactly what I have awaiting from it, and it is one of the best BMW I have  been driving.

You are given typical BMW driving, finally connected with nowadays features.

And there is one more gift, that platform is also available as 6 Gran Coupe. Offers more comfort and the same modern features. Well done.

PS. I have tested it in Tirol. That is unbelievable stable with xdrive, but if the things goes wrong, you realise how much that weighs! Fortunately the IT specialist have saved my wallet again…

Am I that Diesel Monkey?!

Last days we were able to read horrible news: the VW and also other Companies have tested their Diesel exhaust on a Monkeys! They had to sit in the room with the Diesel motor working! Even if that is obvious, that is really harmful.

Disgusting! Isn’t it? But unfortunately:

I have been on the way to my work, by bicycle, parallel to the traffic jam, as I have been thinking about that. The stinky air was everywhere, I have realised:

Am I that Monkey? Daily?!



Even if I don t have to travel that road daily (at the end I am not the monkey), there are lot of people who have to. Even if there are not the worst city in Germany, that constant traffic jams producing lot of smoke. Mainly Diesels. So even if I’m a petrol-head, I am waiting for the new entry limits to the city. I do not want to be Monkey, and I wish them also freedom, not Diesel exhaust.