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No go for Obligatory Speed Limit Assistant

Obligatory Speed Limit Assistant from 2022…

The World will* never be the same. The European Commission wants to introduce three things till the year 2022 on […]

BMW X3 G01

BMW 5 G30 (and all other G) Idrive Tips and Tricks

That is nothing big, but let’s check if you know some smarter functions of your BMW Idrive: If you start […]

BMW 228i

BMW 228i (230i) Convertible – Review

I think that’s one of the best BMW’s on the market. Why? It contains everything what you need. Second seats […]

BMW X3 G01

BMW X3 30i G01 (vs. Porsche Macan) – Review

In my reviews, I’m trying to tell you mainly what’s the feeling of each and single car and what you […]

Mazda Cx-3

How to buy your first (affordable) modern car?

Most of the people still drive old cars, or even if they buy a brand new one, it goes completely […]

130000 km with Mazda CX-5 – Review

Mazda CX-5. What makes it there? It is neither a granturismo car nor a premium one. But for the money […]

Porsche Macan 2.0 – Review

Porsche Macan is said to be the best SUV of the World. If you see the configurator, which looks like […]

BMW 6 Series F06 – Review

When the 2 Coupe/Cabrio gives you best driving emotions, the 6 Series, is for me, the best looking one. I […]

BMW 640d

We are introducing the Moderngranturismo main graph.

That is the easiest way to present how the cars really are – the Moderngranturismo main graph. From now, will be […]

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

Is the BMW 7 Series F01 still modern car?

That was totally unexpected… therefore only short note about it: We had an appointment 260 km ahead, and my friend […]