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For beginners: How to drive the assisted BMW 5 Series (and any other assisted car)

How to learn to use the Lane Keep Assistant, Driving Assistant Plus, Active Cruise Control.

No go for Obligatory Speed Limit Assistant

Obligatory Speed Limit Assistant from 2022…

The World will* never be the same. The European Commission wants to introduce three things till the year 2022 on […]

BMW X3 G01

BMW 5 G30 (and all other G) Idrive Tips and Tricks

That is nothing big, but let’s check if you know some smarter functions of your BMW Idrive: If you start […]

BMW 228i

BMW 228i (230i) Convertible – Review

I think that’s one of the best BMW’s on the market. Why? It contains everything what you need. Second seats […]

BMW X3 G01

BMW X3 30i G01 (vs. Porsche Macan) – Review

In my reviews, I’m trying to tell you mainly what’s the feeling of each and single car and what you […]

Mazda Cx-3

How to buy your first (affordable) modern car?

Most of the people still drive old cars, or even if they buy a brand new one, it goes completely […]

130000 km with Mazda CX-5 – Review

Mazda CX-5. What makes it there? It is neither a granturismo car nor a premium one. But for the money […]