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BMW X3 G01

BMW X3 30i G01 (vs. Porsche Macan) – Review

In my reviews, I’m trying to tell you mainly what’s the feeling of each and single car and what you […]

Mazda Cx-3

How to buy your first (affordable) modern car?

Most of the people still drive old cars, or even if they buy a brand new one, it goes completely […]

130000 km with Mazda CX-5 – Review

Mazda CX-5. What makes it there? It is neither a granturismo car nor a premium one. But for the money […]

Porsche Macan 2.0 – Review

Porsche Macan is said to be the best SUV of the World. If you see the configurator, which looks like […]

BMW 6 Series F06 – Review

When the 2 Coupe/Cabrio gives you best driving emotions, the 6 Series, is for me, the best looking one. I […]

BMW 640d

We are introducing the Moderngranturismo main graph.

That is the easiest way to present how the cars really are – the Moderngranturismo main graph. From now, will be […]

BMW 7 Series F01 Interior

Is the BMW 7 Series F01 still modern car?

That was totally unexpected… therefore only short note about it: We had an appointment 260 km ahead, and my friend […]

Audi A5 Cabriolet (C: Audi press materials)

My Complete Car Definition

As the automotive development engineer, I see the World from bit wider perspective, mainly a couple years earlier then you. […]

Porsche Cayenne - Porsche Press Materials

Porsche to stop selling Diesels, Virtual Cockpit in cheap cars.

That is not most fresh feed, but I’ve made 2000 kilometres that weekend and I had no time to post […]

The new BMW X4 xDrive M40d Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

BMW has shown the new BMW X4 G02.

  Does it ride how we expect?   Driving the new BMW is more and more precious, fine and easier. […]